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Save time and automate your PC. Record macros and build scripts with the powerful, easy to use
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14 May 2007

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Macro Scheduler the most vital tool that will automate and schedule all major tasks on your PC.
This unique program with its impressive features is meeting the needs of its users to automate and schedule all possible activities on your PC. This vital tool will save your time by creating scripts and recording macros to automate and control your Windows applications, automate software processes and assign tasks to schedules, desktop shortcuts or hotkeys. The simple tool will automate all your tasks with a single mouse click even when you are not available. The features of the tool are; converting Macros to EXE files, Flexible Scheduler and Unique Auto Logon Technology for Unattended Operation, supports over 250 in-built Script Commands, Loops, Conditionals, plus Microsoft VBScript and much more to make it a perfect tool to save your precious time.
A reliable tool coming in an economic package proves to be the first choice for automation of any Software or Business Process.

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Create scripts and record macros to automate and control your Windows applications, automate software processes and assign tasks to schedules, desktop shortcuts or hotkeys. Perform complex tasks with a single mouse click, or schedule your computer to perform tasks while you are away. Power users will appreciate the ability of the Pro version to compile scripts into standalone EXE files which can be launched on any Windows PC, and an integrated script debugger aids the creation of complex macros. The Macro Scheduler script language now supports custom dialogs, complex expressions, subroutines and array type variables. Scripts can also include Microsoft VBScript code, combining the power and ease of use of the Macro Scheduler script engine with the popular syntax of VBScript, and allowing increased flexibility and advanced ActiveX automation. Macro Scheduler saves you time by allowing you to create scripts or record macros to automate any task. More than 200 script commands and standard programming constructs include the ability to send keystrokes and mouse events to other applications, wait for windows to open and close, make a particular window active, perform internet tasks, run programs and commands, execute files, read from and write to files, copy, move and delete files, and control applications with DDE. You do not have to be - or hire - a programmer to use Macro Scheduler. For complete ease of use, you can record macros to automatically create efficient, reliable scripts that can be edited and modified later. Recorded macros can even be compiled into standalone Windows applications. From running regular disk maintenance to generating financial reports, controlling file transfers and downloading e-mail, Macro Scheduler lets your computer work while you are not there. By operating at the user level it is application-independent and allows automation of repetitive, time consuming tasks. Automate intricate software processes and save wasted time and money.
Macro Scheduler
Macro Scheduler
Version 9.1
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